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Seven Sneaky Signs Your Cat is Sick

Previous Next Seven Sneaky Signs Your Cat is Sick 1. Changes in behavior, socialization, and energy     Ex: Hiding more, lethargic, no moving from “their spot”, or hyperactive 2. Grooming: under- or over-grooming     Ex: Mats building up, bald spots 3. Appetite changes     Ex: change in […]

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‘Tis the season for ticks, really.

Nebraska Weather: If you don’t like it, wait 5 minutes. Our crazy weather means we need flea & tick preventative year round. Did you know that ticks can still be active on days when the temperature gets to be just 35 degrees?! Our tick knowledge has expanded and is changing […]

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Christmas Decorating with Pets

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Have you put your Christmas decorations up yet? As you get out the Christmas tree and garland, make sure to leave the tinsel packed up. Tinsel can cause tummy troubles for your pet.  Check out this link from Pet Poison helpline:

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Thanksgiving with Pets


Thanksgiving tips to keep your pet out of the ER Keep your little turkey safe While we are so thankful for the pets that enrich our lives, we don’t want them to partake in our Thanksgiving food. Here are some tips from the AVMA:

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Bring us your pet’s poop


Bring us your pet’s poop Let’s be honest: Picking up poop is gross. What’s even more disgusting: Parasites (worms, etc) living inside your pet or IN YOU! Check out these links on why we recommend checking your pet’s poop:  Why Does My Veterinarian Want a Poop Sample? (  Companion Animal […]

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Let’s Talk Pet Insurance


Let’s Talk Pet Insurance According to the AVMA, 1 in 3 pets will need emergency medical treatment each year. It is estimated than an urgent vet visit can cost $800-$1,500, with that amount substantially increasing if your pet needs surgery. Would you be ready financially if a medical emergency affects […]

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