March 11, 2022

Seven Sneaky Signs Your Cat is Sick


Seven Sneaky Signs Your Cat is Sick

1. Changes in behavior, socialization, and energy

    Ex: Hiding more, lethargic, no moving from “their spot”, or hyperactive

2. Grooming: under- or over-grooming

    Ex: Mats building up, bald spots

3. Appetite changes

    Ex: change in frequency you’re refilling food bowl

4. Thirst and urination changes

    Ex: Litter clumps are changing size (huge or minimal), refilling water dish frequency changes

5. Breathing issues

    Ex: short shallow breaths or using their belly as they breathe

6. Changes in eye appearance

    Ex: Color, if they appear sunken, cloudy

7. Odor

   Ex: Stinky breath or overall bad odor

Contact us if your pet is experiencing any of these signs so we can help!

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