In-House Lab Services


Quick and Comprehensive

Understanding your pet’s health needs is paramount, and our in-house lab services provide the crucial diagnostic tools to ensure precise and prompt care.

Diagnostic Testing Offered


  • Including Chemistry Panel, CBC, Thyroid, and FELV/FIV testing
  • Urinalysis and Sediment Examination
  • Cytology of Skin & Ear Samples
  • Distemper & Parvo Titer Testing: Offering alternatives to annual vaccinations for dogs
  • Fecal Testing: Identifying intestinal parasites for targeted treatment
  • Occult Heartworm, Lyme, Ehrlichia Testing
  • Parvo Tests
  • Feline Heartworm Antigen Tests

Pulse Oximetry Monitor

Our pulse oximeter monitors your pet’s heart rate and blood oxygen levels. It is especially crucial in cases of respiratory distress or during surgeries with general anesthesia. This non-invasive tool ensures a real-time assessment of your pet’s respiratory function, guiding timely interventions when needed.

Radiology Services

In cases of accidents or unexplained pain, our radiology services offer invaluable insights. Our skilled veterinary technicians prepare your pet for imaging, enabling us to promptly develop and assess X-rays on-site. This allows us to swiftly identify any underlying issues and formulate an appropriate treatment plan for your pet’s well-being.

From state-of-the-art diagnostic machinery to skilled technicians and veterinarians, our in-house lab services are dedicated to providing your pet with the highest standard of care, ensuring accurate diagnoses and tailored treatments.

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