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At Heartland Pet Hospital we understand that your pet’s wellness and happiness are essential to you. Whether your companion is a pampered indoor Shih-poo or a lively Border Collie without cattle to herd, knowing and meeting your pet’s needs is crucial for their health and happiness.

Pets are masters at masking signs of illness, often only revealing their sickness when it’s advanced. That’s why routine physical exams and screenings are vital for catching issues early and improving outcomes. Here’s an overview of our comprehensive wellness exams:

General Assessment

We start by recording weight, vital signs, and overall observations, noting if your pet is “bright, alert, and responsive” or showing signs of being “depressed,” and evaluating their body condition.

Head Examination

We carefully inspect the ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and teeth, looking for any abnormalities and assessing hydration levels.

Skin and Coat Check

We part through the fur to examine the skin, searching for fleas, ticks, lumps, and assessing hydration.

Chest Evaluation

Using a stethoscope, we listen to the heartbeat and breathing, ensuring proper synchronization.

Circulatory Assessment

We check mucous membranes for refill time and assess pulses to ensure proper circulation.

Orthopedic Evaluation

We observe your pet’s movement, examine limbs, joints, and spine, and identify any areas of discomfort.

Abdominal Palpation

We feel for any abnormalities in the abdomen, assessing size, texture, and the presence of masses.

Lymph Node Examination

We check peripheral lymph nodes for enlargement, focusing on key areas where they’re usually palpable.

Neurological Assessment

We evaluate cranial nerves and basic reflexes to ensure normal neurological function.

Intuitive Observation

Throughout the exam, we pay attention to subtle cues, considering your pet’s behavior and any details that may indicate underlying issues.

The duration of the exam varies based on thoroughness, and we encourage you to ask questions and participate actively.

Our goal is to provide a meticulous assessment for early detection and prevention, ultimately leading to better health for your pet.

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